Tactical Rifleman How to Hold a Pistol Special Forces Instruction

Posted by on 10/16/2017

How to Hold a Pistol | Special Forces Instruction | Tactical Rifleman

Gripping or holding the pistol is one of the more important fundamentals of shooing especially if you have multiple targets. With having a good grip on the firearm you want to hold it tight enough like holding a good firm handshake with someone. You do not want to hold it like your trying to squeeze blood out of a rock. Holding it this tight will fatigue your hand faster and make you have a slight shake. When holding the gun properly with a firm grip it will help you manage the recoil better and also get the gun back on target for follow on shots if necessaryfaster. In the video I talk about holding the gun up as high as possible, this is because the closer you have the bore line of the barrel with your wrist and into your arm will help you absorb the recoil as the energy of the gun will flow in direct line from the barrel to your wrist and then in to your arms and shoulders.

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