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Stippling done to the full grip area on this Glock
Stippling done to the full grip area on this Glock

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This new technique will give your Firearm a unique look and absolutely best grip you have ever experienced.  You’ll never have your firearm slip in your hand again.  It is far superior than slip on grips and stick on grips; however, it does alter the frame forever.

Stippling can be done to any polymer/plastic item on a firearm, such as a Frame, Stock, Pistol Grip or Forend/Hand Guard.  We emboss a stippled pattern into your item and this alters it permanently but makes your grip extremely tacky so that it stays put in your hand under even the most humid conditions.

Pricing, Shipping & Quotes
This process takes about a 2 week turn around time, from the time the frame is received.

    Prices start at $25 for a handgun

    The pricing on extra parts or items will be determined on a case by case basis due to prep time and items being stippled.

    Please contact us for a free quote.  Include your idea(s) (in the comments) and any photo(s) you wish to share.
    Shipping will be at the cost of the customer and will vary by item, size, weight, location and federal regulations.

    NOTE: We only need the item you would like to have stippled. With a pen/pencil/marker, outline the area that you would like to to have stippled (we will confirm with you by picture & email the area to be done).

      For Example, on a handgun, take the upper portion of your firearm off the frame and send the lower portion only (the frame) in for stippling.

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