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Metalic colored powder coating on the slide and grip base
Metalic colored powder coating on the slide and grip base

Powder Coating Service

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You see items that are powder coated everywhere in your everyday life, from the shelves and racks at the store to parts on your car or truck.

Powder Coating is a cosmetic coating that is very durable and gives a firearm a special custom look. This service allows you to pick a different colors in a solid, candy, or metallic (metal flake), and can be applied to metal parts of the firearm.

At this time we will only do the upper slide from a pistol and small metal parts to match, all parts must be sent in at the same time.  The slide (or parts) will be totally disassembled, cleaned, coated and then reassembled. 

The choice of colors for powder coating is almost endless, this can be in either a high gloss, dull flat or even a wrinkle finish, along with candy and metallic colors.  You will need to contact us in-order to let us know what color you would like before you send in your item.  We will do everything we can to match the color your looking for; however, please understand that some colors and some metals do not blend well.

Pricing, Shipping & Quotes
This process takes about a 2-4 week turn around time, which is dependent on the prep for the amount of parts to be coated and/or if the selected color needs to be special ordered.

    Pricing for a slide is $100

    Extra parts or item pricing not listed will be on a case by case basis depending on size, type and amounts of smaller parts.

    Please contact us for a free quote and color availability.
    Shipping will be at the cost of the customer and will vary by item, size, weight, location and federal regulations.

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