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Magazines that have had Water transfer printing done. Cursor over them for a zoomed in view.
Magazines that have had Water transfer printing done. Cursor over them for a zoomed in view.

Hydrographics Service

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3-4 Week Turn-around
Part Number:Hydrographics

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Complete AR or Assault Style Rifle [+$280.00]
AR Receiver set (upper and lower) [+$110.00]
Only Upper or Lower part of receiver [+$60.00]
Rail or Standard Handguard Only [+$75.00]
Barrel Only [+$75.00]
AR style magazine [+$35.00]
Complete Pistol or Revolver [+$180.00]
Contender Style Barrel, Forearm, or Pistol Grip [+$55.00]
Semi-Auto Slide or Frame Only [+$100.00]
Revolver Frame or Cylinder Only [+$100.00]
Grip set for Pistol [+$30.00]
Polymer Handgun Holsters (exterior only) [+$65.00]
Complete Shotgun [+$205.00]
Shotgun Stock or Forearm each [+$70.00]
Shotgun Barrel single [+$75.00]
Shotgun Barrel double [+$95.00]
Shotgun Receiver Only [+$70.00]
Magazine Extension Tubes [+$50.00]
Complete Bolt Action or Black Powder Rifle [+$200.00]
Full length Rifle stock only [+$125.00]
Rifle Butt stock or Forearm only [+$70.00]
Rifle Barreled Action Only [+$100.00]
Any small parts (mounts, rings, etc) each [+$20.00]
Part(s) Description
Hydrographics, also known as Water Transfer Printing, is a process that adheres a specialized decorative film on a rigid and semi-rigid product that consist of metal or plastic or a combination of both.

The surface of the item is pretreated and cleaned, so nothing is caught beneath the pattern. A base coat is applied, then the film is dissolved in water leaving the pattern on the surface of the water. The item is dipped into the water and the pattern adheres to the surface of the item. The item is then washed and a top coat finishes the process.

We ensure there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in our work, so that you have the highest quality you expect every time. 

This process takes about a 3-4 week turn around time, which is dependent on the prep for the amount of parts to be treated.  The item will be totally disassembled, cleaned, coated and then reassembled.  Please contact us for a fee quote.

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