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Posted by on 9/30/2020
Red dots are becoming more and more popular as both the prices are coming down and manufactures are making the slides ready to add a red dot sight.

In this video I will cover a lot of things to consider and think about while using a red dot sight on your pistol. Using a red dot is a very nice optical aid but the fundamentals still apply to shooting well while using one. As for the fundamentals most are still the same as when using iron sights. The only one major change is swapping the order of “sight aliment” and “sight picture”. ID your target first (this is your sight picture) and then bring up the pistol putting the red dot in line with the target (this is sight aliment). Your focus should remain on the target the whole time unlike using iron sights.

I also talk about different makes and types red dots, bottom line you get what you pay for. If you are new to using dot sights you should start off with a larger MOA dot until you get use to them then move to a smaller dot in time. There are so many different things out there for dot sights and more thing are coming everyday. I talk about a few of them here such as mounting plates, holsters, hoods and iron sights to use with them.

Like I started out with I said these are optical aids, you still need to know how to use iron sights. Because, if your sight fails (and it will at the wrong time), you will need to know how to go back to the basics of irons for techniques in order to use the pistol effectively. If you are new to shooting with a pistol using a dot should come easy but if you’re like most of us here at Tactical Rifleman then it will take a little bit of extra time dry firing and on the range to help getting use to it.

Thanks for reading the article & watching the video and if you have any direct questions can contact myself at [email protected]

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