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Laser Engraving Service
Contact us and we might already have the Art Work on file of what your looking for.

Laser Engraving Service

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2 Week Turn-around
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Single 1" - 1.5" Engraving [+$20.00]
Single 1.5" - 2" Engraving [+$25.00]
Single 2" - 3" Engraving [+$30.00]
Pistol Grip set with 1 logo & text [+$40.00]
Pistol Grip set with 2 logos & text [+$50.00]
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At Alan's Arsenal, we are able to have parts of your firearm or other items, Laser Engraved (on metal or wood materials only). 

You will need to send us your custom graphic in either a .gif or .jpg. It is preferred in a black & white (B&W) format; however, we can work with color (an additional fee applied for prep time). 

NOTE: If your firearm has either a Melonite or Tennifer type coating, these items can be laser engraved; however, due to the hardness of the coating, it will have dull appearance. (i.e. Glock and Remington have these types of coating.)

Pricing, Shipping and Quotes

Turn around time will be about 2 weeks from the time we receive your item

    A small single engraving will start at $20 (size equal to 1.5" x 1.5" or smaller).
    The pricing on extra parts or larger items will be determined on a case by case basis due to prep time and items being engraved.  

    Please contact us for a free quote.  Include your idea(s) and any photo(s) you wish to share.
    Shipping will be at the cost of the customer and will vary by item, size, weight, location and federal regulations.

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